The Matt Talbot Retreat Movement, Inc.

  • We are a group of recovering alcoholics who have recognized the need for help from a power greater than ourselves.
  • We are tired of being belligerent, vindictive, intolerant, anxious and full of self-pity. We use the Matt Talbot spiritual retreat to seek the solution.
  • We use the spiritual retreat weekend to find out how to utilize the tools suggested in the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. However, we are not affiliated with AA. or any other 12-step program.
  • We have found that Matt Talbot spiritual retreats have helped us to practice the steps and achieve a greater degree of serenity and joy in our daily lives.
  • We have chosen Matt Talbot as our example. We have chosen him because he went to any lengths to be relieved from alcoholism, and he practiced a set of principles similar to those found in the twelve steps.
  • Because the Roman Catholic Church is considering Matt Talbot for sainthood, we have decided to help that process in any way we can. However, we are not affiliated with the Catholic religion.
  • Our retreats are non-denominational, any recovering alcoholic is welcome.
  • Our primary purpose is to offer a quiet weekend of experience, strength and hope to relieve the attitude problems that we face in ourselves as we recover.

Below is the two part movie: